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Modern Language Studies Abroad

Spanish courses in Spain and Costa Rica. Language classes in France and Italy. Learn a language abroad. What's stopping you?

Study in the dynamic capital of Spain, a city where the madrileños clearly enjoy life and dinners stretch until midnight. This dramatic city is famous for its bullring, countless plazas and elegant boulevards, and home of the oldest restaurant in the world, Botin. You'll find world-class museums and more green spaces than any other city in Europe.

Study in historically rich Lyon, the center of the French Revolution and birthplace of cinema. Not only are 500 hectares of the city faithfully preserved as a UNESCO world heritage site, but it is also considered the gastronomic capital of Europe, a.k.a. foodie nirvana.

Study in Florence, a small, friendly, yet lively city. Warm, hospitable, intimate and safe, Florence, the birthplace of the renaissance, is a shrine of frescos, monuments, sculptures, and churches that still pay homage to dazzling names such as Michael Angelo. Dine at historic cafes and stroll through some of Italy's most visited parks.

​​​Study in San Jose and discover its charms through historic neighborhoods where colonial mansions are now world class restaurants and art galleries. Admire its colorful murals and visit its many museums that proudly display its national history tying together its indigenous heritage, colonial past, and learn why Costa Rica is the environmental center and military-free country that it is today.

Focused on Language Immersion Experiences Abroad for Over 34 Years.

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