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Program Overview

What is included? *

  • Airport pick-up for students who arrive at the designated time on arrival date

  • Tuition at the UCM for 180 contact hours (2 semester credits)

  • Official Transcript from the Centro Compltuense para la Enseñanza del Español

  • Diploma 

  • Room and board (with three meals per day and laundry) in a host family 

  • Metro Pass for Public Transport in Madrid (bus and subway) valid for 30 days of unlimited rides (additional months to be renewed by students)

  • Cultural activities

          May include walking tours of Madrid, visits to museums, or historical              sites,              monuments (Note: Guides are provided, however, participants may have to pay                  entrance fees to museums.)

  • Excursions

​          Four excursions are including in the program fee. These may include the following:

          One-day trips to Escorial, Toledo, and Segovia, or other cities.

          Two-day trip to Granada

  • On-site orientation on campus of the university 

  • MLSA staff on campus and on-site in Spain, 24/7.

  • Access to the libraries and other facilities of the UCM 

  • MLSA staff, pre-departure support and services. 

 *Subject to change

What isn't included?

  • Airfare 
  • Books (if required)
  • Return transportation to airport 
  • Entrance to the museums (if needed) 
  • Additional use of the metro pass after 30 days


Entry requirements: valid passport with student visa (for programs over 90 days).

MLSA at UCM: ​SEMESTER dates And Fees

Fall Quarter

September 30, 2018 (arrival day)

October 1 - December 14, 2018 (classes)

December 15, 2018 (departure day)

Program Fee:


Application Deadline:

June 15

Winter Quarter

January 9, 2019 (arrival day)
January 10 - March 22, 2019 (classes)
March 23, 2019 (departure day)

Program Fee: 

Application Deadline:

October 1

Spring Quarter

March 27, 2019 (arrival day)
March 28 - June 21, 2019 (classes)
June 22, 2019 (departure day)

Program Fee: 

Application Deadline:
December 1

Semester Program Dates and Fees

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