NSE Scholarship for Spanish Teachers
The National Spanish Examination (NSE), a program of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP), is committed to providing teachers with opportunities to continue their professional development so as to design instruction and assessments from first hand experiences with the Spanish language and culture. For teachers who administer the National Spanish Examinations, NSE offers SIX (6) Study Abroad Scholarships for Teachers in Spain and Costa Rica. Deadline for application:  January 15. ​For more information about requirements and the application process visit the NSE Website:

MLSA Scholarships for students to study in Spain and Costa Rica
MLSA offers scholarships of up to $500 for the programs in Costa Rica and Spain. Here are the requirements:

  • Be pursuing a major or minor in Spanish and demonstrate interest in studying abroad in Costa Rica or Spain. 
  • Have been accepted into the MLSA program.
  • Write an essay on "Why I want to Study Abroad." No minimum length required.
  • Have a GPA of 3.30.
  • Submit an official college transcript.
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from one of your Spanish teachers.

Deadline for Application: March 31.

Students are encouraged to apply for the scholarship at the time of application or shortly after. Please note that the payment schedule must be followed while waiting to receive notice of the scholarship recipients.

Contact MLSA for additional scholarships or grants that may apply to your based on your individual situation.