​​​Affordable Summer Study Abroad Programs

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MLSA participants have the opportunity to participate in a variety of weekly activities and optional excursions.

These trips provide an opportunity to see other regions of Spain and round out their experiences in Madrid. 

UNIVERSIDAD Nebrija: ​Excursions & Activities

During the summer programs at UAN excursions and cultural activities are organized and offered on an optional basis for an additional fee. 

During the semester programs at UAN excursions and cultural activities are organized. Entrance fees for cultural activities may apply. Three excursions are included in the program fee, which may include one-day and/or two-day trips.

Activities for the program term may differ based upon availability.


Three to four cultural activities are offered per term, which may include:

- Guided visit to Museo del Prado 
- Guided visit to Museo Reina Sofia 
- Guided visit to the Palacio Real 
- Guided visit to Madrid de los Austria (

- Guided visit to San Antonio de la Florida 

- Guided visit to the Congreso 

- Guided visit to Museo de Artes y Tradiciones

- Guided visit to the Senado 

Three one-day excursions are offered per term, which may be:
- Excursion to Toledo - Excursion to Segovia
- Excursion to Salamanca 

Additional fees may apply.

- Excursión to Pamplona ** (July term only.)

Optional three-day excursion prices usually include transportation, 2 nights in hotel and breakfast in the hotel, entrance to monuments and guided tours. Other meals not included. **Information and registration form for the Pamplona excursion must be completed through MLSA prior to the trip to Spain. 

Students will visit Castilla, stopping in Burgos to see one of the most beautiful gothic cathedrals in the world and follow the route of El Cid Campeador with reading on-site of the epic poem. After they will contine to Pamplona to observe the running of the bulls and the festivities of San Fermin. The next days students will travel to the south of France to spend a day at the beach in Biarritz. They will return to Madrid the following day with a stop in Medinacelli, a medieval city


Registration for all of the cultural activities and one-day excursions listed above can be done in advance and/or onsite Universidad Antonio de Nebrija. More information will be sent after participants are accepted. The excursion to the North of Spain (Pamplona) requires prior registration.