Meet our Alumni. These study abroad veterans loved their experience so much that they want to share it with future participants. If your're serious about studying abroad, check out the bios below and contact one of our ambassadors to ask questions. After all, who better to tell you about our programs than people who have experienced them first-hand?


University of Memphis


TERM: Summer 1, 2017

​"The trip to La Paz Waterfall and Nature Park was one of the most memorable moments of my trip. I was in awe of these enormous waterfalls and climbing through the different levels. It was the most beautiful place I have ever been in my life. Even the drive there was gorgeous due to the misty mountain views and luscious green landscapes. I loved how many different animals were there as well. I was able to be two feet away from a Toucan. I will never forget any of it for the rest of my life."​


University of Memphis


TERM: SUMMER 1, 2015

​​" Costa Rica, I experienced so many things which inspired awe. I walked into a beautiful, vaulted church. I felt both white black sand between my toes. I watched the sun set over San Jose. I heard waterfalls larger than a skyscraper fall down, its pressure assaulting my ears. I saw tiny leaf-cutter ants carry blades of grass. There is so much beauty to be beheld in Costa Rica that I gush at the thought..." 

PROGRAM: MLSA at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Undergraduate)
TERM: Summer 1, 2016

"During the program in Spain, I had the opportunity to see a number of beautiful sights, from the sprawling and historic city of Madrid to the majestic mountains of Cavadonga. Learning Spanish is wonderful. Learning Spanish when surrounded by such marvels is simply incredible."


Lakeland University


TERM: Summer 2, 2017 & Summer 1, 2018

​For me, the most memorable and meaningful aspect of my time in Costa Rica were very closely related. The most memorable aspect of my time abroad was the wonderful people I go to meet and the opportunity to experience a new culture. The most meaningful aspect was the how welcoming and loving the family I stayed with were. From the first day to the last day, the family I stayed with made me feel like a member of the family not just a student who was going to be staying there. We ate together, travelled together, went to sporting events, did homework, shared stories, and spent a lot of time together. Through this program and my time abroad I made some life-long friendships and connections.


University of Louisville


TERM:​ Summer 2, 2017

​"I decided to study abroad because I wanted the opportunity to experience the language I’m studying in a country where it is spoken regularly-in other words, I wanted immersion so that I could improve my Spanish!! I chose to study in San Jose because   of the opportunity to live with a host family. I knew that this would be a great opportunity to speak Spanish all the time. It was an added bonus that my host family was so patient with me and willing to help me learn from my mistakes!"

MLSA Ambassadors