• San Jose is the capital city of Costa Rica and has a population of 300,000 in the city and 1.5 million in the total metropolitan area.

  • It is named for Joseph of Nazareth, and has a very European feel and culture. It is located near the middle of the country, which has both Caribbean and Pacific coasts.

  • It lies about 1,190 metres (3,900 feet ) above sea level on the Meseta Central (central plateau), surrounded by mountains with prominent volcanoes.

  • The main crops in Costa Rica are bananas, coffee, sugar cane, rice, pineapples, and beef. Costa Rican coffee is very high in caffeine and is considered among the best in the world.

  • It actually rains in San Jose for about 170 days each year.​




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  • Build leadership and communication skills.
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