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Follow a National Spanish Exam scholarship recipient through his month in Madrid, Spain studying with MLSA at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

"My month in Spain has been one of the greatest experiences in my life, to say the least. I have many fond memories of the four weeks I spent studying at the Complutense; my time in Madrid, Pamplona, Granada, and Asturias was entirely unforgettable. However, I travel back to San Antonio with more than pictures, souvenirs, and memories; my experiences abroad gave me the opportunity to experience a culture much different than my own. As a whole, studying abroad was an invaluable and 
life-changing experience that enhanced my professional goals. I developed an even more appreciation for differences in the Spanish culture. I consider myself lucky to have been given the opportunity by the National Spanish Exam “NSE” to live and learn in such a wonderful part of the world."

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Downloadable Classroom Poster Pack

Study Abroad Blog:

A High School Teacher's Perspective

As a resource for teachers to spark interest in study abroad and encourage students to explore Spanish language and culture, we have put together a classroom poster pack including the posters shown above. 

For ease of printing, the .pdf and .jpg versions are included. The images are sized for 11 x 17 posters. If you do not have access to large format printers, you can still print large posters from any printer by opening the .pdf version selecting "poster" in the print dialogue box. This will print the image across multiple pages, which you can then tape together. 


Travel with your own students​.

Our two-week and four-week programs at the University Complutense de Madrid are open to high school students, and are an excellent opportunity for high school teachers to organize and travel with their own students. 

What is unique about MLSA's programs for high school students is that they receive college credit and gain a taste of what it is like to live in a residence hall and take classes on a college campus. Instead of traveling from city to city and hotel to hotel, Madrid serves as home base as students take day trips to historic cities like Toledo and Segovia as well as visit important sites in Madrid.

Many parents and high school students assume that study abroad is just for college, and you can play an important roll in raising awareness for high school study abroad. 

If you are interested in traveling with your students abroad, you can request more information below.

Continuing Education for Teachers

​Study abroad represents an excellent opportunity for professional development. 

Reasons why teachers study abroad:

  • To gain credit hours toward certification, re-certification, or an additional endorsement
  • ​To gain credits toward a master's degree
  • To reignite their passion for the language and culture
  • To brush up on their speaking and listening skills in the target language.
  • To collect authentic materials to use in their classrooms
  • To travel!

Explore our graduate level programs in Costa Rica and Spain.