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MLSA participants have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of weekly activities and at least two optional excursions. These trips provide an opportunity to see the natural beauty of Costa Rica and to round out the experiences in the city of San Jose. 

UNiversidad de Costa Rica: ​Excursions & Activities

The following are examples of the activities and excursions offered previously.


- A walking tour of San Jose

- A visit to the Museo Nacional

- A visit to the old capital, Cartago

Cultural activity offering is subject to change. 


Possible excursion offerings include:

- Volcano and Waterfall Excursion

- Tortuga Island Excursion

- Cafe Britt

- Braulio Carrillo National Park

- Manuel Antonio National Park

Excursion offering is subject to change. 


An optional Excursion to Poas Volcano National Park and the La Paz Waterfalls Gardens will be organized. The Poas Volcano is probably the world’s largest geyser.  The National Park is 9,884 acres of beautifully preserved land.  This natural setting is one of Central America’s most magnificent national parks.  Indeed, the Poas Volcano is one of a kind.  It is in constant activity but perfectly accessible and may be visited and viewed in complete safety—note:  weather may affect visibility.  The excursion will take you through fairytale-like nature trails up to the incredible emerald green lagoon of its extinct crater. Naturalists agree that this park has some of the world’s most lush flora and fauna. From Poas, we will travel on to the La Paz Waterfalls Gardens, 70 acres of wildlife refuge, cloud and rain forests, and five awesome waterfalls.  The park boasts the largest butterfly observatory in the world, spanning the length of an NFL footballfield.  This park also has the largest concentration of hummingbirds.  These normally skittish creatures are so tame they feed inches from your face and will occasionally land on your finger when placed beside a feeder.  Afterward, you will enjoy a delicious buffet of typical Costa Rican food at the restaurant.


An optional excursion to the Pacific and Tortuga Island will be organized. Students will see small towns, sugar cane fields, green coffee plantations, and majestic mountains while cruising to the final destination. Participants will enjoy the ride aboard a luxurious air-conditioned yacht attended by a well-trained crew who will make you feel at home. At Tortuga Island, sun, sand, and crystal-clear water beckon you to swim, snorkel, canoe, or just relax under swaying coconut palms.  Meanwhile, on the beach, the chef will prepare a sumptuous lunch for you.  


Participants admitted to the program will receive information about the planned optional excursions in their acceptance packet. Students must return the register and provide payment by the deadlines listed on the registration form in order to participate. Space is limited and registration is on a first come first serve basis.