Modern Language Studies Abroad was founded over 30 years ago, by our Director, Dr. Celestino Ruiz, a full professor at Purdue University for 30 years and now Professor Emeritus of Purdue. The company was originally founded in cooperation with faculty members of several universities in the United States and faculty members at the School of Philology at the Universidad de Costa Rica and Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Now, over 2,000 universities in the United States have chosen to send their students abroad through MLSA, and over 20,000 students, teachers, and professionals have participated in our programs. In addition, we have expanded our programs to Florence, Italy and Lyon, France.

From the very beginning, MLSA’s mission was to create the best graduate and undergraduate academic programs available at a price that would make it financially possible for more students to study abroad while providing each participant with an extremely personal experience. 

Our programs allow students to take classes at very prestigious and accredited universities: the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, the Universidad de Costa Rica, and the Universita di Firenze, with award-winning faculty and scholars. Participants in our programs will be able to take courses toward BA, MA., Ph.D degrees, although a major in Spanish, Italian, or French is not required. Students can choose from both graduate and undergraduate courses in language (all levels), literature, culture, civilization, linguistics, methodology, music, theater, business, and more.

All our programs represent an excellent value. Despite increases in the cost of study abroad programs and travel, MLSA has aimed to keep expenses low and pass on the savings to our participants by maintaining our program fees. MLSA has been one of the most respected sources for studying abroad for that exact reason, as we have helped thousands of students to study abroad at the most affordable prices. Students can save between $500 and $2,100 by choosing MLSA in comparison with other programs. Although students are saving money with MLSA, this does not mean that services are sacrificed. The program fees includes the same services offered by other companies and more. Our prices include tuition, 4-9 credits depending on length of program transferrable to most universities in the USA, room and board, weekly cultural activities, and on-site staff. Optional excursions are available.

In addition to offering academically strong and affordable programs, MLSA's goal is to provide each participant a personalized and individualized study abroad experience. In order to offer these specialized student services, MLSA has more staff working on site than other organizations, and our primary commitment has always been and will always be to the students. This is reflected by our friendly staff and a strong support system both in the United States and on site.

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